Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fall Happenings

Antonio turned 46 this year.  As usual, he didn't ask for anything, but I got us tickets to the play "All Childish Things" which is about a group of Star Wars geeks and their antics to get a load of Star Wars memorabilia (think The Big Bang Theory about Star Wars).  It was very good and the perfect play to go to for his birthday.

I made his favorite cake: white cake with strawberry filling.


Quinton passed on the cake and stuck with ice cream.

46 and better than ever!

Roman got an Outstanding Student Award at school and even got to be on the morning announcements (they are video broadcast to all the classrooms).  Here he is showing off his medal.

Domenic fell asleep outside our bedroom... pantless.  Why are little bums so stinkin' cute?

The kids posing with their Jack-o-Lanterns.  I say "their" jack-o-lanterns, but really I did all the work.  Carving pumpkins is never like I imagine it will be.  I like to imagine us all sitting around the kitchen table, laughing and talking while we carve away our designs.  Instead it is kids screaming they want to start, and then 3 minutes in getting bored because it is a lot of work to clean out and carve a pumpkin.  So instead, I put on Halloween music and carved them all myself from designs the kids picked out from on-line. My hand was feeling pretty crampy by the end of the night!

Domenic with "his" pumpkin.

Quinton trying to mimic the face of the pumpkin.

Silly faces! (Roman is not in these pictures because he had fallen asleep)

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