Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Fun

Domenic "The Chunk" Quesada

Now who wouldn't want to kiss those cheeks!!

The snow storm that shut us down for a week. Quite literally, we couldn't get out of our neighborhood for 6 days. For me, it was pretty nice - everything was cancelled so I got a ton of little odd jobs done around the house that I never seemed to have time for before. Antonio got a little stir-crazy after only two days. Since he is used to going out to work every day, it was more of an adjustment for him!

This gives you an idea of the quantity of snow we had. For Georgia, this is a lot of snow. However, it was the ice, not the snow, that created the problems.

Quinton and his best friend, Athena (that's a chocolate milk mustache). They made a ton of "candies" with the play-doh factory, and then "sold" them in their store! They were quite busy for several hours on this project. And I was quite busy picking up little bits of play-doh after they finished!

Quinton and I showing off our completed puzzle. Note: I HATE how red my face always looks in pictures! I like to think that it has something to do with the camera, and that I don't always look so red-faced in real life!