Monday, September 27, 2010


One of Roman's most striking features is his big brown eyes.

Although his smile is awfully striking, too!

Quinton's fantastic smile!

Domenic and Roman

My three boys!

Oh my goodness! I actually was able to post a video!! I am coming up in the world!
Now to see if I can post that video of Roman from a previous post.

Quinton's Birthday

Quinton turned five on September 23rd. His birthday fell on a Thursday, so we had a family party on Thursday night. Saturday he was allowed to invite one friend to go to the train museum with him and then to McDonald's for lunch where we were meeting up with Grandma and Grandpa.

As I mentioned earlier, I definitely have an incorrect setting on the camera because every single one of these pictures is blurry. Stink!

Quinton is a keep-it-simple kind of kid. He likes chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and that's it!

Blowing out his candles.

A pack of playdough.

There is a store that I go to all the time called Kid to Kid. It is a consignment store where I buy the kids clothes as well as toys for birthdays/Christmas. Recently there was a Groupon for a $30 gift certificate, but it only cost $12. I got such a steal on a huge GEOtrax set complete with battery operated train and controller. He has literally played with it all day every day since he got it!

Roman is also becoming quite the train aficionado like his big brother. Although he likes cars and trucks just as much, if not more than trains.

Quinton invited his absolute favorite friend, Athena, to go with him to the trains. They are a great pair. Athena is a great influence on Quinton; they have a lot of fun together, but she helps temper his craziness.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fun at Home

Antonio thought that Quinton looked like a thug in his hoodie, eating rice, while drinking mate. I thought it was pretty funny, so I took a picture. Quinton and I are mate buddies since Antonio won't drink mate with me. He thinks it looks illegal and used to say he'd be deported if anyone saw him drinking it. However, now he is a citizen, and still thinks it looks too shady to drink!

After I gave the boys haircuts, Quinton decided he wanted to give a haircut, too. Here is his keeping his teddy bear looking sharp.

Quinton showing off his cuteness! Although I am forbidden from calling him "cute." He is "cool" or "awesome," but never cute or handsome. On Sundays - the one day I insist he comb his hair - he always protests: "but I don't WANT to look handsome!"

I get the Betty Crocker recipes magazine (which I love), and last month's issue had cake pops on the cover. I absolutely had to try them. I happened to have some purple candy melts that I wasn't going to use for anything else, so I made little purple boys and girls. They were really fun to make.

Roman's Birthday

Well, I must have a setting off on my camera because all of my latest pictures have turned out blurry despite my efforts to keep very still while taking them.

Roman turned two on August 10th. His face has really thinned out over the last few months, and he looks like a little boy instead of a baby.

One of his very first words was "Doggie," so it seemed appropriate to make a doggie cake.

Sorry Dad, but this picture of Roman was so cute, even if I did catch you in the middle of saying "wow!"

Roman's cousins were able to come to the party. Here is Isaac playing with the pretend phone with Roman. We are really lucky that my nephews are very patient with my kids and are always super helpful. It takes a lot to be patient with my boys sometimes!

Grandma and Grandpa relaxing after eating some doggie cake. Mom is holding Domenic.