Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A modge-podge of the last six months

We've since cut Domenic's hair, and I've already forgotten how he looked before his first haircut. But boy, he was (and is) such a cutie!!!

Quinton loves to take pictures. However, I am the type to get dressed and showered only when necessary (such as before piano lessons, or when Antonio is getting home from work!). Hence a lot of pictures of me in my pjs and bed head.

A classic Quinton face.

Romancito (can you tell he's my son? Eyes half closed)

Hanging out

Couldn't you just eat him up?!??

So I walk by the dining room window one day, and out of the corner of my eye I see this dark thing on the window. After a big double-take, I see this monster beetle on the screen! I was too scared to get it all by myself, so I called the neighbor boy down the street (this was when school was out) to help me out. We managed to get it down from the high screen and get it in a plastic container. There was no way I wasn't going to get this guy since my nephew collects bugs.

Here are some pictures of Quinton's swimming lessons. Despite all of Quinton's craziness, he is very skittish around risky things, swimming included. I was so thrilled with how well his instructor worked with him!

My friend Olympia and I started a little business called "There's No Taste Like Home." We got a booth at our local farmer's market. Here we are on our first day. We sell baked goods such as individual sized pies, cookies, and mini-cakes. We also make "grilled breads." We incorporate ingredients into fresh bread dough and then grill it to order on the spot. Our most popular breads were the Crazy Greek (garlic, spinach, olives, feta, and fresh oregano) and Breakfast in Bread (eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese and chives). Our first season went well, we'll see where it takes us!

Scott, Olympia's son, aka the "Slave Driver" ;-)

So I woke up one morning to see this: Roman telling me "I make BIG mess!"