Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

It's Domenic's turn to be in the Halloween Costume Parade at preschool!  Some of you might recognize this costume from Quinton's Costume Parade years ago.

I had a really hard time getting a good picture of Domenic.  The headpiece was also covering his eyes, so he was having a hard time seeing.  Despite that, he didn't want to take it off!

Getting ready to head out and go Trick or Treating.  Roman was Thomas, Domenic the dragon, and Quinton was a King.

Roman's Wish

When Roman first started chemotherapy treatment, the hospital submitted his name to Make-A-Wish.  Coincidentally, Roman got to make a wish and have it fulfilled the week after his 13 month treatment ended!  It was hard to figure out what he wanted "more than anything," but since every conversation revolves around Thomas, the Make-A-Wish volunteers thought of sending us to "A Day Out with Thomas."  Needless to say, Roman was thrilled. They took care of everything, even renting us a car so we didn't have to use our own for the 3 hour drive to Cordele, GA.  The kids were very excited, and wore their conductor hats in the car!

We met with another Make-A-Wish volunteer once we got to the ticket counter.  Her name was Sharon and she was very nice.  She took a picture of us as we arrived.

While we were waiting to board Thomas, the announcer called Quinton over and he got to call "All Aboard!" over the microphone.

Waiting in the train for Thomas to start on the trip.

This particular train ride (part of the Sam Short Line track) was through a beautiful National Park.  Here we are crossing over a bridge.

After the train ride, there were still lots of fun activities to do.  Quinton really loved the antique tractors.

An old police car - hopefully the kids will only ever be on the outside of one of these!

Everyone was so nice to Roman and our family, and we got lots of special perks.  One of them was that we were allowed to ride Thomas as many times as Roman wanted.  Here we are for our second ride.

Helping cheer Thomas on: "Push Thomas Push.  Push Thomas Push"

Attempting to get a picture with Thomas without waiting in the long line to get up close.

With our volunteer, Sharon.

In the hotel- can we say like father like son?!

We saw Thomas on Saturday.  On Sunday we went to Chehaw Parks where there is a really cool zoo.  What was especially great is that there was only one other family there, so the kids got to have the whole place practically to themselves!

The meerkat exhibit was part of a larger interactive area, which included a lookout and slide.

We went on a "safari" ride as well.  That is an eland in the background.

We learned some interesting things about Ostriches.  They create many dummy nests to fool their predators, keeping the real nest a secret.  Our guide got out and collected some feathers for the boys since the Ostriches were molting.

Quinton checking out an ostrich egg.  They had tons of eggs because so far none of the ostrich eggs every hatch.  If I understood the guide correctly, the eggs were essentially drowning in the humid air of the south.  The liquid inside the egg needs to be able to evaporate slowly as the ostrich grows.  That hasn't happened so far here in GA.  Not sure how long they've had the ostriches, and if that will change over winter. 

Antonio and Quinton with some wildebeasts behind them.

Comparing to a bald eagle wingspan.  Roman didn't exactly get the concept of what he was supposed to do with his arms!


This exhibit kind of scared me a little.  I just kept having images of the alligators lunging out of the water and biting through the wood boardwalk to eat the boys.  I was the one who really wanted to see the alligators, but I have to say, I was glad to leave quickly.

Little Project

My mom found a great black leather purse at Goodwill, but I thought it might be nice to make a little charm for it.  It was right before October, and Mom thought she might like a candy corn.  Here is the candy corn charm that I made out of oven-bake clay.  It is hanging on my purse just for the photo. 
While I was at it, I decided to try and figure out how to make a dragonfly.  This is what I came up with.

Tiger Cubs

Somehow I managed to volunteer to be Quinton's Tiger Cub leader.  Here we are at the Pack Meeting where Quinton got his Bobcat Badge.

Pinning on his bobcat badge upside down until he "does a good turn" to flip it around.

Showing off his bobcat stripes after the ceremony.

Some of the members of Tiger Den #2.

One of our "Go See Its" (cub scout lingo for a field trip).  We went to the Elisha Winn house.  Here the kids are posing in front of the one room schoolhouse.

In front of the barn, adjacent to the blacksmith shed.

Domenic checking out the jail.

Quinton was the first to race in the raingutter regatta.  Unfortunately, he lost every one of his races, but I was very proud of him because he was such a good sport.