Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WARNING: This video clip is pretty vulgar, but I had to post it because, frankly, who hasn't thought the same thing while watching this infomercial???


Monday, August 9, 2010

Sometimes I feel bad because I post a lot about Quinton on Facebook, but talk very little about Roman. It is not that Roman is any less important to me, it is just that he doesn't really talk yet, so I don't have all of the funny stories like I do for Quinton. Not only that, but Roman is a pretty mellow kid and therefore less likely to do something "post worthy." This is certainly a good thing since "post worthy" often means writing all over the walls or flooding the bathroom. So in honor of Roman's cuteness and general sweetness, here is a video!

Happy Domenic!

Quinton's graffiti. As you can see, Dad was on the good list, and Mom was not.

Roman playing in the sandbox.

We took the kids to Day Out With Thomas in North Carolina a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful drive, if not a particularly pleasant drive (three boys sitting in close proximity for 3 hours each way). They had a blast and didn't seem to notice that it was over 100 degrees outside with the heat index.

Here they are waiting to be called on to board Thomas.

Boarded and waiting for departure.

Strategically, you entered the Thomas area through a big tent full of Thomas toys. The great thing, though, is that they had all these different stations set up with activities and train tables that were free for the kids to play.

Happy boys on the ride home. You'll notice that Roman is definitely my son. I rarely get a picture of him with his eyes fully open.

Quinton holding Domenic.

Here is Quinton holding Domenic again, but a few weeks after the previous picture. Coincidentally they are wearing the same color shirts. You'll notice that Domenic is significantly chubbier. He certainly is a chunk!

"Doctor" Quinton

Happy boys!

Me holding Domenic. Quinton loves taking pictures. Unfortunately, most all of them are terrible of me. This is in part to 3 things: a - I am not particularly photogenic to begin with, b - I am really heavy right now so any picture of me is not my favorite, and c - the worst angle to take a picture of me is from below, and of course, every picture Quinton takes of me is from below since he is shorter than me. All that said and done, I had to post this picture because Domenic looks so cute!!