Monday, October 14, 2013

Roman Turns 5!

When my in-laws were visiting from Mexico, we celebrated Enrique's 13th birthday.  His parents had bought little goody bags for the kids, and they really loved them, and the "real" birthday party feel they gave.  When Roman had his birthday in August, we did our usual family party, but to make it feel more like a "party" I took my in-laws example and got goody bags for everyone as well.  The glasses and fake mustaches were a big hit!!!!  Quinton made his mustache into a uni-brow!!!

Getting ready to enjoy some birthday cake.

So may I say that I had this *great* idea to stop buying cake mixes.  Turns out it wasn't so great.  Homemade chocolate cake tastes good, but for some reason, I have yet to make a good tasting vanilla cake.  This one tasted awful - like cornbread.  I am still on the search, but I think I am just going to go back to buying cake mixes.  I am keeping my eyes open for BOGO sales!

Grandma and Grandpa got him this set of CD's of children's songs.  They have been such a hit!!!  We listen to them in the car all the time, and it has actually even made the children fight less (they can't hear the songs when they are fighting!)

This is such a "Roman" face, I had to include it!  This is him opening his gift from Antonio and I. It was a set of Eric Carle books with a "smartpad" (It turns out it only makes sounds, it doesn't read the books out loud or anything, not that "smart" in my opinion!)

My dad enjoying the party.

Grandma dancing the Hokey Pokey with the kids from Roman's birthday gift.  This pretty much captures the chaos that is our house every day!

So now our little Roman is 5 years old, although he is not so little anymore.  I think he will overtake Quinton in the next year or so.  He is only about an inch shorter than Quinton, despite their 3 year age difference.  The last year has been a lot more expensive for us because I have to buy Quinton and Roman clothes instead of passing down Quinton's clothes...  it won't be long before Roman is passing his clothes down to his big brother!

I had to include this video because it makes me laugh so much - Quinton is a real handful, and keeps things from getting too quiet around our house  (not that I would mind if it were quiet!)   His dance moves (if that is what you call them) pretty much are summed up here in this video:  ape-jumping and bum-smacking.