Monday, December 7, 2009

Miscellaneous Photos

Quinton always insists on helping me in the kitchen. I was making a lot of roasted garlic, and of course he wanted to help. But not before he crafted his own "nose mask" because he thought the garlic was really stinky!!!

One of the many crafts Quinton brings home from school. This is a turkey hat, which he is modeling upside down. He is at that age when he thinks that sort of thing is so funny!

If you can't read all of these signs, they all essentially say the same thing: "No Mom." He does this whenever he gets mad at me (a.k.a. several times a day). It is a two step process, first he "x's" me, meaning he draws a picture of me then draws a big "X" through it. Then he writes "No MOM" and tapes it up. He was particularly mad at me this day, as is evidenced by the many signs that accumulated... Although I must have redeemed myself at some point, because one of the ones with yellow highlighter actually says "YES Mom", with a check by my face.

Here Quinton is having a tea party with his stuffed animals. So cute!

He loves to play with empty boxes. This one is a car, in case you can't tell. His all-time favorite thing to do is tape several empty coke fridge packs together to create a train. He'll play with it for hours!

At the Halloween party at our Preschool's church.

Halloween Pictures

Adorable Roman

My boys!

Quinton and Roman enjoying a morning banana shake.