Sunday, February 26, 2012


Our first season at the Farmer's Market ended in September, and what better way to celebrate tons of food prep, getting up before the crack of dawn, packing up coolers and tents, than to do it all over again, but this time for an overnight camping trip!!!

Olympia's family and ours met up at my parent's house for a campout to celebrate the success of our There's No Taste Like Home business that we started up for the Farmer's Market (see older post for more info)

My parent's have an immaculate yard, as well as lots of property, so we had our own private campground - really incredible!

Aaron (Olympia's husband) started the fire. They are big scouters, so this was a fire started the boy scout way - only one match and no paper!

Olympia setting up their tent, while the kids explore.

Quinton goofing off!

Our tent - the kids had a lot of fun running between our two tents.

The weather was absolutely perfect - slightly chilly at night to make you appreciate the fire, but warm when the sun was up.

Waiting for breakfast.

My dad came down in the morning, and showed us how to hard boil an egg in a paper cup! It was done in three minutes (for soft boiled)!

Domenic with his hot chocolate. Not sure how much of it he actually drank, but he certainly had fun with it!

Olympia working on breakfast.

Breakfast is finally ready!!!

Domenic checking out the goings-on!

Happy Roman!

Olympia's two oldest had their own tent down the way a little. They set it up in a little bend in the path by the creek. If you look closely, you can see it.

All that fun really wore Roman out! (this was also his second week of chemotherapy, but as you can see, his tolerates it very well).

Letting the fire die out before we pack up and call it a day!

Quinton turns 6!!

We were lucky to have Abuela and Tia Bertha visiting us right before Quinton's birthday. They surprised him with a giant cookie - complete with train! Quinton's love of trains continues, although now it is more about real trains than Thomas the Train. For Christmas he got a set of Train videos (think PBS series) showing all of the major train lines in the U.S. Just last Saturday he asked me to help him put one in (Rocky Mountains). He still says that he wants to be a train conductor when he grows up - who knows!

Opening presents while Grandpa looks on. Quinton has all the Elephant and Piggy books by Mo Willems. These were the latest, plus a few Richard Scarry books. He used to read every night (I say "used to" because for Christmas he got legos, and they have replaced a lot of other activities!). We could hear him reading his books - and with quite a bit of enthusiasm!

He got this Mouse Trap game from my parents. He LOVES it! As a matter of fact, I just played a game with him last night, and Antonio played one with him this morning. Luckily it is not too long of a game, and is actually quite enjoyable.

Quinton's cake - he wanted chocolate, and since it seemed that we had had so much cake/cookie recently, I made a small cake.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Roman's 3rd Birthday

We went on a Disney Cruise this past summer - thanks to the generosity of my parents. More on that in another post. But, the point being, Roman's love of Mickey Mouse only grew after our week of all things Disney. So for his birthday I made a Mickey Mouse cake.

What to do with the cake scraps? Why, make cake pops, of course!

Roman's excitement over his cake!


Lots of presents!

Domenic thoroughly enjoyed his cake.

Quinton was anxious to help with the presents.

He got a pillow pet from his Tia Bertha sent all the way from Mexico! As much as Roman likes Mickey Mouse, Thomas is his first love, and after he opened this Thomas alphabet puzzle, no other toy had a chance.

The pillow pet was a big hit with Domenic, as you can see in this video!

The excitement of his birthday lasted quite a while - every time we asked Roman anything, he would respond that he was "Three!"

Quinton's First Day of School

It seems I only ever get around to posting on my blog every six months! So here goes the next round of updates!

Here in Georgia school starts in the beginning of August. Quinton was super excited to start Kindergarten. He has Mrs. Neal and Mrs. Baird, and their class mascot is Clifford.

Quinton posing before we head to the bus stop.

Roman sitting on the curb while we wait for Quinton to come home.

Quinton getting off the bus for the first time!