Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Can it Be????

Is it possible that I am all caught up!??!?!  I guess that means I can ignore my blog for 6 more months until I need to update again!

Actually, Blogger has improved their posting so much- uploading pictures and videos specifically - that it wasn't painful at all to catch up on my posts.  Whether this will translate into me keeping more up-to-date on my posts is yet to be seen.

I didn't put any comments on the prior post that is all videos, but I thought I would mention a fantastic application that Antonio and I learned about at our CompuChild conference.  A fellow franchise owner, Robin, is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met on great, FREE applications.  She showed us how to use Freemake Video Converter, which can compress your videos among many many other things.  Very cool!  I was so excited to find a free video converter so that all those videos that I have which are over the limit can be compressed and uploaded to my blog.  Case in point: the first video of the wreck in my house was originally 175 MB from my camera.  After converting it, it went down to 25 MB. 

From watching the videos, you will notice that they are from over the last year.  Of the three boys, Roman definitely looks the most changed - he has gone through such a growth spurt in only 1 year - going from 35 pounds to 70 pounds!  The video of him when he had just turned 3 shows him wearing size 3 clothes.  Now he needs 6/7! 

Lots and lots of videos....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Disney Cruise Vacation 2011

 My parents treated the entire family to an all-expenses paid Disney cruise which was a vacation of a lifetime.   We had so much fun, and I am finally getting around to posting pictures!!!  Here is Roman waiting for our shuttle to go to the cruise ship.

 Hanging out and making sure we have everything.

 Quinton adores his cousins.  Here he is with Isaac, Carter and Tai's youngest.

 Carter Paul
 Ashley and Savannah (Savannah has grown up so much since this picture, but she is still just as cute!)
 We are excited!

 Me and the boys.
 I was trying to look regal for this picture, but didn't quite pull it off.  What you don't see is that there are two other pictures before this one (I didn't upload them) where I am really trying to look regal (you know, not smiling) and they were TERRIBLE!!  I definitely look better smiling!

 Antonio and Domenic at the beach.

 This is one of my favorite pictures of Roman.  It is so fitting - he is always eating!!!

 At one of the many fantastic shows.

The kids loved hanging out in the portholes.

 Hanging out in the lobby before dinner.

 You can't tell from this picture, but Roman was dancing to the music.

Enjoying dinner.

 I really wanted to get a picture of Antonio with Snow White, but this was the best I could do: her passing by behind our table.

 Before every meal there was a friendly staff person handing out anti-bacterial wipes.

 Breakfast with a killer view.

 The yellow tube was a water slide that Quinton had a great time on.  Below is the famous AquaDuck (after Donald Duck) which was super fun.

 The ballroom where you could meet Disney princesses.

 I love this dazed look on Domenic's face!

 Roman and Savannah hanging out.

 The nursery where we ended up putting Domenic every night while the rest of us ate dinner.  We had the 8PM dinner time and the sit-down dinners were too stressful with Domenic there.  He LOVED the nursery.  We ended up putting Roman there one day for a couple of hours because he always cried that he wanted to go too whenever we would drop off Domenic!

 A lucky coincidence that Goofy was visiting the nursery when we went to pick up Domenic.  Roman was back with my parents, so unfortunately he is not in this picture.

 Our departure morning, enjoying one last meal where we don't have to do anything, just sit and any kind of food we want magically appears.  The waiters even cut the kids' food for us so we don't have to and I could order two desserts every night (and I did!)