Monday, July 9, 2012

Roman at Chemotherapy

Roman goes in for chemotherapy most Fridays.  We have rounded the corner, and he has only a couple more months before he completes his year-long treatment. 

Right here you can see him in the infusion room.  He gets "accessed" back in an exam room, where they insert the needle directly into a port he had implanted on his upper right chest.  Once accessed, it takes an hour or two to complete the infusion.  They have little TV's to watch, lots of toys, activities, etc.. 

He is a bit of a messy eater.  As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago they politely put a towel under him since he made so many crumbs!

Valentine's Fun 2012

I am making good progress here - at least I am now caught up to 2012!

 My papercrafted decor for Valentine's Day

This is a wreath that I made at a crafting activity.  It is where I got the idea to do a wreath covered in felt flowers as a Christmas Gift.

The necklace around the lampshade is one that Quinton made for me last year.  I really like it, but wanted it to be displayed even when I wasn't wearing it (I like to wear it on Valentine's Day proper)  The candy dish on a pedestal was a gift from a friend.  It was actually just the bowl, but I had seen a neat idea where you attach it to a candle holder.  I happened to have this clear candle holder and attached it using putty so that I could take it apart after the holiday.

Domenic and Roman absolutely love to put my headbands on!  Domenic in particular will walk around half the day with one on.  He hasn't done this for a few months, but back in February he was always putting one on!

Cute Roman!

It wasn't even close to dinnertime, but Roman was ready!  He went and sat down in his chair, determined to wait it out!

 Heart-shaped churros!

Boys enjoying their valentine churros.

Quinton brought this home from school.  I thought it was so funny I took a picture:  "If I had $100.00, I would.... buy one hundred things at the dollar store!"  Yep, he is my son!

Cute Domenic!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Christmas 2011

Can you believe Quinton decorated this entire tree by himself!? I was so proud of him, and I think he did a great job
The wreath that I made for my Sister-in-law for Christmas.
Roman did such a great job at his Christmas program. He sang with a lot of enthusiasm, and not to be biased, but he was BY FAR the cutest kids there!
I spent a large portion of the show outside chasing Domenic down the halls!
Roman's Christmas Party at school.
Our annual trip to the Children's Museum of Atlanta. We had a hard time getting Domenic off of this tractor.
Trains, trains, and more trains!!! Oh, and a little fishing!
This cow had working udders! Well, they didn't produce milk, but they did squirt out water!
A sign on Quinton's door: "Only Quinton allowed. Not Mom or Dad allowed, okay! From, Quinton. (and as an afterthought): And the tooth fairy... oh, and Mom, too, actually. Ok."
I thought it would be fun to have a gingerbread decorating party for all the neighborhood kids. I made all the gingerbread houses and everyone brought one bag of candy to share for decorating. They all did a great job. This is David from up the street (of earlier fame for helping me catch that huge beetle) He was such a great help with Domenic.
I am so lucky that all the kids on my street are wonderful, kind, thoughtful people.
Roman and Domenic playing.
What could be dangerous about riding at full speed on my plasmacar blind?
Christmas Eve dinner. The "adult" table.
The buffet table (I was so please to find a good use for all those gingerbread houses my kids made at the party!)
The "kids'" table.
The dessert spread
Christmas morning
A gorgeous handmade sweater from Antonio's mother


I know, I know. You are saying "Thanksgiving!!!!" Wasn't that like 8 months ago!?!? Yes it was, but I am finally getting around to posting some more pictures! This is a wreath that I made out of kraft paper and a $1 store grapevine wreath. I think pretty soon I am going to have papercrafted decorations for all the major holidays. Not too bad considering they are fun to make, usually cost next to nothing, and I get a lot of satisfaction out of creating something.
Quinton had a little program at school. It was really cute. They had the children divided into groups: Pastors, pilgrims, Indians, and Corn. The child narrator read a story and whenever a group was mentioned, the kids would say a little catchphrase. For example: The Pastors said: "Lord have mercy!" (with a southern twang), the Indians "Brave and Bold" and the Corn said "pop" or something like that. This is the problem when you write a post 8 months later - the details leave you!
Roman waiting to see Quinton after the show.
This is what I call a perfect evening - reading a cookbook by the fire! (Quinton snapped a photo while I wasn't looking)
The kids LOVE their plasmacars. Not sure if it was a good idea to let them ride them in the house, however. I have a video of them riding, but it is too large to upload. Perhaps I can figure out a way to oompress it?