Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Roman's Halloween Parade

The preschool where Roman attends (and where Quinton attended) has a Costume Parade every Halloween. The kids circle around the room three times while all of the parents ooh and aah at their adorable kids. Roman was Peter Pan courtesy of a friend who gave us the beautiful costume.

Here he is coming around the second time!

Domenic enjoying the show.

Holding his teacher, Ms. Dody's, hand.

Enjoying cookies after the parade.

Antonio's Birthday

Typical of Antonio, all he asked for on his birthday was roast beef sandwiches, or "whatever is easy." Oh, and he also wanted to find his pants that were missing from the dry cleaners. Luckily, the pants somehow magically showed up a few days before his birthday (after being missing for several months). He is such a saver that he rarely asks for anything, even at Christmas all he wants is a new pair of slippers!

Posing with his cake (the frosting was slipping terribly!)

Roman waiting for his serving of cake!

Quinton's birthday present was a picture of when he and Antonio went to the train museum together. I helped him frame it.

Happy Domenic!