Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Quinton has always liked to make signs.  He posts them up everywhere.  His latest is not just making signs, but he has started creating forms for us to fill out and lists for himself.  Every time we eat something, he would make a form and then we had to fill it out.  I wasn't as accommodating as Antonio, hence all the forms are filled out by him, not me!

Breakfast of Champions!  (blue cheese and wheat thins)

Domenic's grass-head craft from school.

So Roman has a pair of sunglasses without any lenses.  He really loves them, and has been begging me to let him wear them to school.  I finally let him, and he was so happy!  This is after school, with his pajama shorts inside out (a very common phenomenon for him), and my boots (on the wrong feet).  Have you ever seen anything so adorable????  Of course, he may kill me for posting this picture later, but it just captures Roman right now so perfectly!

There are many words to describe our household.  Calm is definitely not one of them!

In one of my favorite baking cookbooks, I came across this recipe for Conchas (seashells in Spanish).  I have only ever purchased these from Panaderias, so I was very excited to find a recipe that gave directions for the shortbread topping that didn't require a special shell mold.  They actually turned out really great -they tasted exactly like the bakery ones!

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