Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

Antonio's former work colleague and his wife were expecting a baby in December, so I was thrilled to throw them a baby shower.  They are both huge Winnie-the-Pooh fans and so I decided to do a Pooh themed shower.

Some pictures of the baking preparations.  Pecan pies that would be a party favor. I put them in boxes with tags that had Pooh on it and said "A little yummy for your tummy."

Chocolate dipped pretzels that would be "Tigger Tails."

Candy vegetables that would go on the cupcakes to become Rabbit's Garden.

The baby shower was at Brian and Kim's house instead of ours because they felt Kim's mother would be more comfortable at their house instead of going elsewhere.

Here are some shots of the table before everyone dug in.  On this side are ham and cheese croissant sandwiches (Kanga's Strengthening Sandwiches), Sugar Cookies in the shape of Beehives (Pooh's Honey Spot), Chocolate Covered pretzels (Tigger's Tails), Lime Water (Eeyore's Soggy Place)

Rabbit's Garden and Owl's Aged Cheese.

Brian and Kim - the expectant parents!

Kim particularly loves Eeyore, and I had seen on her blog that she would dress up her Eeyore in the clothes that her family would send her for the baby.  I thought it would be perfect to put Eeyore under her own "Shower" since it is a baby shower after all!

As part of the decoration and also as part of the gift for them, I made this blocks with different classic Pooh scenes on each side.  I also made some Thank You cards with Eeyore on them and one of this sayings.  That way everyone wrote their address on an envelope and made it easy for Brian and Kim to send thank you cards.

Kim in the chair of honor getting ready to open the presents!

Antonio took pictures of the present opening.  He took so many, you could seriously do a flip book and see the entire event!  And of course, he took several of me.  Here is one where my eyes are open!

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  1. I'm definitely using the envelope idea for the next shower I throw. And that picture! You look gorgeous! Every time I read your blog I wish there were some way we could be neighbors. Miss you!